Sunday, 2 March 2008

Peregrine Falcons - Derby Cathedral

The project to help the Peregrines has been organised by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derby Cathedral and Derby City Council's Museum Service.
There's a live webcam on Derby Cathedral so you can watch the chicks grow up when they are born and then if you're lucky watch them fledge.

Last year I went a few times to Derby to have a look at the Peregrines (I had never seen them before). The first time I went I saw the parents, and the 2 young they raised in the ready built nest. The second time I went one of the young had fledged, yet only to the front of the Cathedral yet was quite close, the other stayed at the nest site. I did get some reasonably good pictures, not fantastic pictures I admit.

This picture was of the juvenile at the front of the Cathedral.

Here is the other juvenile which is still at the nest site.


Nick Patel said...

Nice Peregrine pics, especially the first one, it's a good close up.

Anna Simpson said...

Cheers! :)