Thursday, 28 August 2008

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Phobias, they don't just occur with people

A rather interesting story on the BBC website about an Arctic hooded seal which seems to dislike the cold environment. The seal swam from the arctic waters to the Canaries (over 1,000 miles) to be in a warmer environment. The seal named Sahara was taken to Cornwall Seal Sanctuary where it's facing its phobia and is now on the mend to recovery to living its life in the cold. To read more visit the BBC link here:

Friday, 1 August 2008

Little Owl

As you have probably gathered by the title this entry does involve a Little Owl. A couple of days back I tried again to see the Barn Owl at my local bird club. I arrived a little early so I went back to the tree where the Little Owls had been seen, again I managed to see them, yet this time I managed to get photographs which was excellent.

Little Owl:

After photographing the Little Owls I went to the hide. On the last blog entry I enclosed a photograph of a Moorhen on a nest, I went back to the exact same sight and again I saw the Moorhen on the nest, yet the nest had grown almost double the size since I last looked. I was amazed at how much the nest had grown in the space of a week.

Moorhen on nest:

I stopped off again to try and see the Barn Owl but I failed this time, yet I did hear a Tawny Owl.
Overall a fantastic day especially having the opportunity to photograph the Little Owl.