Friday, 22 January 2010

Born Free: Vote for Tigers

I came across an interesting article on Born Free's website: the aim is to save tigers in the wild and to end the abuse which they suffer in captivity. You can then add your vote to try and save the tigers:[tt_news]=450

Sunday, 17 January 2010

UKs biggest swan count is underway

Since starting Uni things have been quite hectic which is why my blog hasn't been updated as much as I would have liked but I'm going to try and leave out a little time every week to update on here.

I recently came across an article on the BBCs website. Volunteers from the Wildlife and Wetlands Trust are counting the number of Bewicks and Whooper Swans in order to help international research of these two birds. Both of these swans are under threat from pollution, illegal hunting, and most importantly, habitat loss!

This swan survey takes place every 5 years!

For further information: