Sunday, 9 September 2012

Help Save out Seas: Petition Fish

To those of you who are aware of the petition created by the Wildlife Trust's, and have signed their petition thank you, to those of you that aren't aware I will explain.

The Wildlife Trust's are trying to put pressure on the UK Governments to create Marine Protected Areas (MPA's) and they're calling on us to try and help with this and to make it happen. The sea life around the UK is amazing, people think that you have to go abroad to see colourful reefs, turtles, and whales but this simply isn't the case, they can be found here, around the British Isles.

2013 is when the first MPA's should be established under the Marine Act of 2009 but this cannot happen without the help of you and I. The Wildlife Trust are asking the Government to place the MPA's correctly and to therefore help where nature conservation is required, to support the declining species and to mange our seas with adequate regulations and controls. 

To make sure the Government are taking note the Wildlife Trust has set up this petition: Petition Fish. 

If you think our seas should be protected sign the petition and make sure the Government listen!