Saturday, 26 July 2008

Two owls in a day

Yesterday afternoon I went to my local bird club for a couple of hours. A family of moorhen consisting of one adult and 4 young provided great entertainment for me. Here are the photographs of them. I also saw a Common Sandpiper and a Little Egret.

Moorhen feeding young:

Moorhen chick:

On the way back home down the lane from the bird club, I visited a site where a family of Little Owls had been seen, I could hear them calling to begin with and then finally I saw one, that was great as I had only ever seen a Little Owl once before.

That evening I went back to my local bird club in the hope to see a family of Barn Owls. I went to the hide to begin with where I saw a Green Sandpiper and a Moorhen on a nest. After taking the photographs I went off up the lane to see if I could see the Barn Owls, I met up with a couple of fellow bird watchers and we waited to see what we could see. Finally after about 15 minutes wait there it was, as soon as I had seen it, it was gone.

Moorhen on nest (different family from earlier on today):

What a great day I had, I'd seen a Barn Owl and a Little Owl, two Owls in a day, it isn't very often that happens is it?


Cheryl said...

You are right that doesn't happen very often...fabulous...I love owls...

Moorhen chick are cute.....we had a family here two years ago....havn't been back since.....

Steve said...

well done with the Owls - they are always brilliant to see.

Steve said...

Brilliant! you must be delighted. Owls are always great to see aren't they!