Tuesday, 23 September 2008


I found this great video on Youtube featuring one of my favourite songs; Hoppipolla by Sigur Ros.

The music to the video you may well know as the theme to Planet Earth.

To me the images and film on this video show how special this planet is for its Geography and wildlife. What do you think?

Hoppipolla is well suited to the Planet Earth theme and I can see exactly why it was picked. Each little bit of the music means something, well to me it does. The accented drum beats give the feeling of movement/migraton for example.


Tricia said...

Anna - what a lovely post.

I would agree that Hoppipolla is so well chosen to accompany Plant Earth. The drum beat could almost be mimicking the beating of many many wings.

Anna Simpson said...

Hi Tricia,

Such a moving piece of music isnt it. The arpeggio movement at the beginning makes a fantastic introduction.

Hopefully when I have access to my dads work computer which should be soon I will be able to make my own video with my photographs and footage with my music composition as backing music.

Hopefully it wont be too long now.


Tricia said...

Anna - when you do have your video and own music - I shall be very interested and keen to see it :) Good luck.

Cheryl said...

I so enjoyed that...absolutely wonderful.....the music dramatised the viewing beautifully......