Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blog action day - today!

A lot of people do not realise how well off they are until they look at 3rd world countries, and watch stories on the news about starving and dying people.

People around the world struggle to live, people are dying of illnesses that have no cure and are killing hundreds of people every year. A lot of people do not have jobs and the small number that do they are paid very little; barely enough money to feed a small family.

Most people own livestock and they couldn’t survive without them, they use the livestock to produce food, and as transport. Livestock (goats, donkeys etc) do not have an easy life either, not because of how they are treated but because the owners have very little money to treat the livestock well. Livestock such as donkeys are expected to carry a lot of weight each day. The owners have very little choice to do this because they can’t physically carry that much weight themselves. A lot of livestock becomes ill because of how much they carry each day, yet the owners can not afford to pay for medicine.

Just think of all the livestock suffering in the world because the owners can not afford the veterinary care that’s needed, by helping the people you are helped the livestock as well.

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