Friday, 13 March 2009

Australia oil spill

An oil spill stretching across 40 miles of Queensland, Australia is causing a lot of worry for the wildlife. The ship which was holding 30 tonnes of oil was hit by severe weather conditions and all the oil was pushed by high winds to Morton Island off Brisbane. Straight away volunteers and environmental officers got to work to rescue as much wildlife in the area as possible, turtle eggs and pelicans were two of these. There is a big worry at the moment for a pod of dolphins which feed at Tangalooma beach on Moreton Island every night. It's not yet known how and if they are affected.

A video can be found on the BBC website:

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Nick Patel said...


lets hope everything is done to curb out the oil spread, and protect wildlife currently in the area.

Shame it's in such a wildlife-rich area aswell.