Sunday, 7 June 2009

RSPB Naturecount

During the week of 8-14 June the RSPB are asking people to spend one hour counting the number of birds and other wildlife in their gardens. It's not just birds they want you to observe like the Big Garden Birdwatch, but anything that "crawls, hops, flutters and flies". The main aim of this survey is build up a database of the wildlife that visits gardens in the summer.

For further details on the rules that apply etc simply click on the picture below:


Cheryl said...

Thank you for the info....I shall get involved with that.

Nick Patel said...


will be doing the RSPB count when im not in college this next week.

if you want to see a painted lady, just visit your nearest wildflower meadow or patch of flowers (in wild) and you should see one. but they might be settling now so you may have more luck lookin on thistles, etc.


Anonymous said...

Having just seen an albino starling (big) chick and (standard hued)parent in my garden I was spurred to do this month's RSPB Naturecount - as advertised in Saturday's Daily Telegraph for 'between 5 and 13 June'. Not recognised online when I tried. Prompted by telephone and having logged on I find that the count is between 8 and 14 June.

Any parties being organised in ...?

Tom Browning