Monday, 21 June 2010

BBC Wild Night In Update

I watched Wild Night In on the BBC channel on Sunday night. It was upsetting to hear of the following:

These are the numbers of individuals left in the wild:
5,500 Wild Dogs
680 Mountain Gorillas
1,012 Hawaiian Monk Seals
250 Philippine Eagles
182 Gharials
93 Kakapo
61 Javan Rhinoceros
35 Vancouver Island Marmots
34 Amur Leopards
1 Pinta Island Tortoise

Figures were also given for some of the species which have become extinct over the years:

Pere David’s Deer in 1939
Red Wolf 1980
Spix’s Macaw 2000
Scimitar-horned Oryx 2000
Thylacine 1936

The Golden Toad is gone forever.

The BBC’s Wild Night In showed projects all over the world which are now growing and benefiting because of the BBC Wildlife Funds money. Project Seahorse has been set up in the Philippines and now the local people are setting aside areas for the seahorses to breed, this is just one success story but more can be made with your help. It is now up to us the public to donate more money to set up new projects around the world. Last night over half a million pounds was raised, and now it’s up to nearly a million but lets keep this figure rising.

If you have not already watched BBC’s Wild Night In here is the link:

This link gives a list of ways in which you can raise money to help more species at risk of extinction:

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Chris said...

HI Anna,
Well, working in marine biology and fisheries and biodiversity, I know that even with the biggest effort ever, I'm not sure we will save all endangered species but we can try...