Thursday, 27 January 2011

New Year

Since the last post in my blog (October 2010) I have been working hard in my 2nd year at University and putting this blog to one side for a little while: I'm focusing on getting my degree but my blog has always been on my mind.

A lot has happened since October: plans to move to Shetland, plans to go to Borneo to help with the orangutan project and meeting David Bellamy. Moving to Shetland and visiting Borneo is a task that cannot be planned over night it involves a lot of planning and of course money is the big issue especially in this economic downturn. Within the next few years I will hopefully be going to Borneo, Shetland may have to wait a while longer.

My University course is going well and I am thoroughly enjoying it. Some of the modules have not been easy at University but I knew it wasn't going to be. Already I am making plans on what to do for my dissertation assuming I pass my final year of my FdSc.

I'll update soon.


Nick Patel said...

Hey. Don't know if you remember me, we used to chat on bird forum sometimes.
Glad to hear your degree is going well, the borneo part sounds great. I've just finished doing an essay assignment myself on forest types in Borneo, although i am still only in my 1st year of uni.
Hope you've been having some good birding. I recently located 20 waxwings in a tree near my uni halls last week, which surprisingly was my first proper viewing of some for this winter. hope you've been able to catch up with them too. Btw your shetland trip write up is awesome.. Hope everything is well, Nick x

Anna Simpson said...

Hi Nick, it's really nice to hear from you, I hope you manage to pick this up.
If you pick this up and you'd like to send me your email address that's ok as it would be nice to have a good chat. If you comment back with your email address I can remove it before publishing it so your email address will not be shown.
Your Borneo assignment sounds really interesting, what course are you studying?

Nick Patel said...

Yeah no probs its; ... i'm studying Geography (with a year abroad in USA next year (hopefully)) at Manchester met. What about yourself? what are you studying and where?