Monday, 25 March 2013

It's been a long time

It has definitely been a long time since I updated my blog. To be honest I've not had much time to do any photography because I've been so busy with University. I've therefore not updated my blog as much as I didn't want to burden you all with unnecessary stuff because I'd rather focus the blog on my journey in the natural world.

University is going well though on the other hand.  I am a bit stressed right now but it is my final year so it's bound to be, just got my dissertation handed in so that is a might relief. The dissertation was thoroughly enjoyable and it has definitely given me an insight into the career I would like to go into.

The results showed that there was more diversity in the barn owl's pellets in a 1km radius when most of the agricultural land was under 'plus' stewardship (i.e. higher level, higher level + Entry level etc) which was expected. Although in a 2km radius of the pellets location more diversity occurred in 'total' stewardship (i.e. the total amount of stewardship that weren't plus).  
Barn owls also tended to consume bigger prey stewardship in land under less stewardship.

Since my dissertation was handed in I've been out and about enjoying the snow and taking photographs of the natural world around me, and I'll sort this photos out in due course and will get them posted on here today (hopefully!).

Thank you all!

P.s. A positive bit of news:

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