Monday, 4 February 2008


Hi and welcome to my Wildlife Blog, I hope your enjoy looking around and find all the information posted on here very useful. Feel free to post a comment.

Last weekend I went to my local reservoir, to photograph wildlife with my camera and new adapter. I came home with a lot of photographs that day, some of which needed work doing to them in Abobe Photoshop, it always helps to photograph with good light; that day the light was just right. Some photographs came out really well, and if I may say so, some were very well composed seen as I was having problems with my tripod.

This Great Tit seemed rather tame, it was though he was asking to be photographed, he seemed to like the attention he was getting, which always helps.


Nick Patel said...

Nice first post! (p.s. i like the Speckled wood (tried to get a good S. Wood shot last Summer, and it took me ages - not sure if i even got one like yours?).

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,

A good photograph of the Kingfisher.


Mr Bradley.

saskpics said...

Wow. did you take the kingfisher picture? if so great job! Unfortunately where i live its soo cold right now it seems the only birds out are house sparrows.

snowman said...

very good picture and it looks great. your a very good photographer

Miss Ellis said...

A great start to your blog Anna!! Be careful though - blogging is addictive!

Zac Hinchcliffe said...


I can't say I use Photoshop, and on those particular photo's I didn't use any touching up programs at all, just managed to get close enough for feather detail!

Nice Blog.

Interesting stuff!