Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Buzzard and Hen Harrier deaths

I found two threads this morning on Birdforum, both of which shocked me.

The first of which is about a Buzzard that was found dead at Holkham Hall in North Norfolk. It is believed to have been shot quite far away from where it died, possibly Sandringham. The estate is offering a reward of £500 to anyone with any information. To read further into this, here is the link:

The second thread was about a Hen Harrier that was destroyed in Lancashire last week. This story is sickening and a lot of people like me are very, very angry. No one is sure at the moment if the birds were predated or not. To read further into this story follow this link:


holdingmoments said...

It really sickens me to read stories like this; and it's happening all the time.
The current penalties for the convicted perpetrators of these crimes against ‘protected’ birds just doesn’t work. It's about time the law got tougher.

Roy said...

Hi Anna, thank you for the opportunity to visit your blog. It is very interesting and informative and has a lot of great photos. Love the the Kingfisher header
(I should be so lucky to get one like that).