Monday, 14 September 2009

Willow Warbler in my garden

Last Thursday I was very fortunate to have a Willow Warbler in my garden. It spent about half an hour eating greenfly, but I haven't seen it since. I have never had a Willow Warbler in my garden so I was quite thrilled. I had a Garden Warbler visit a few years ago but it only stayed for a few minutes.


holdingmoments said...

A good sighting for the garden Anna, and he's doing a good job of getting rid of the greenfly too.
Lovely shots of him too.

Jenny said...

Hi Anna, that first shot is great, specially when enlarged. What a nice find in your garden. I think my best ever bird in the garden was a Sedge Warbler who looked at our small pond for about 30 seconds before moving on! (-:

Jonathan Scragg said...

I sometimes get Willow Warblers in my garden but never a Garden Warbler. I've only ever seen 1. Great Blog aswell

Anonymous said...

Nice shots of the Willow Warbler Anna and to find it in the garden is definitely a bonus. On his migration route South I would think. You may find the Portland Bird Observatory website interesting as it gives daily reports of birds at different times of the year. It gives you an insight as to what is arriving and leaving England on migration at varying times of the year.
Check the 'latest news" section on