Monday, 23 June 2008

Norfolk birding holiday - 6th June (final day)

Well this was the final day, and it was not a very nice day at all, there was quite a strong horizontal wind, with rain as well. Yet I wasn't going to let this stop me going to Titchwell RSPB on the way home.

Not a lot of wading birds there, but there didn't seem to have been anywhere in Norfolk, very strange, I wonder why. Plenty of calling Sedge, and Reed Warblers, the odd Cettis Warbler, and a lot of Reed Buntings. I did see plenty of Avocet and Black Headed Gull families. Avocet chicks are so sweet. I did manage to witness the change over on one of the Avocet nests which was nice.
I did manage to see Bearded Tits, from a very far distance, but I did see some.

Bearded Tit:
Seeing the Avocets, and Bearded Tits made me very happy, as they are two of my favourite birds.
So what a fantastic couple of days in Norfolk. Highlights had to have been seeing Bill and Kate, the Bittern "booming", seeing the Nightjars, and the Elephant Hawk Moth. When I saw the moth trap, it inspired me to study moths in a lot more detail than I am doing at the moment, so guess what I have..........yes, you guessed right.........a moth trap!

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

Sounds like a great trip! I very jealous about Bill and Kate, i also saw lots of Avocets, bearded tits and cetti's warbler when i went to titchwell as well as hearing and seeing a bittern! Ive also got a moth trap, i look forward to hearing more about yours, Great photos too!