Sunday, 22 June 2008

Norfolk birding holiday

About a month back I went on holiday to Weybourne, north Norfolk to go bird watching for a few days. I bet you are wondering why I am posting it now aren't you? Well.....I came back home with over 450 photographs, which is an awful lot, due to only staying in Norfolk from the 3rd of June to the 6th of June, I bet you can see now why it has taken me a long time to sort out my photographs, due to the amount.

I will do each day separately because each day was that action packed it would be very difficult to put it all in one entry. I will begin with the 4th June, because, although I arrived in Norfolk on the 3rd, I didn't go bird watching that day.

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Josh Jenkins Shaw said...

I look forward to seeing the photos! Thanks for visiting my blog, and sorry commenting twice on the last post, I didnt think it worked the first time! Keep up the great work!