Saturday, 22 March 2008

Best bird watching day for years - Part 1

For many years now I have wanted to see a Waxwing, but had never seen one. Someone told me there was one just North of Chesterfield, so yesterday around midday I went and had a look and had no joy. It occured to me, morning may be a good time to go and see them because of it being a cold night, so I was out the house by 7.30 this morning to be at Chesterfield by 8.00. Eventually I saw one, I was over the moon, I managed to get only a few metres away from it and I got some great photographs of it.


About an hour later I went to Lenacre Reservoir (just up the road), where I saw some Whooper Swans, 5 goosanders (1 male and 4 female) and I also heard a woodpecker drumming, yet sadly I didn't see it.
Whooper Swans

So a very successful start to the day, now I'm off to Carsington Waters, for a walk, and to do some more bird watching and wildlife photography. I just can't live without it.


Tricia said...

Anna - congrats on your Waxwing, what a great find and great picture.

I've only ever seen one once when it was reported being present about 7 miles from me. Needless to say I went and found it.

Nick Patel said...

Great pictures Anna, especially the Waxwing, i'm so jealous!

Bird Girl said...

I'm with you, Anna! Those waxwings are so beautiful and fun to watch! If you know where there are any mulberry trees - you will have the best birdwatching day EVER when they are ripe! Good job!

Nick S said...

Hey, congrats on the Waxwing :-)
I never saw one when i lived back home in Hertfordshire.