Sunday, 23 March 2008

Bird behaviour

Waking up to snow in the morning, is great, yet the first thing that crossed my mind was the birds in my garden, how had they coped, and had the frogspawn in my pond survived from the cold weather. The frogspawn had survived which was great news. Every morning the birds are fed in my garden, and because of the cold night it was almost as if a war broke out when the food was placed on the bird table.

Collared doves, and Starlings:

The greedy starlings:

By the way Happy Easter everyone!


jalynn01 said...

Thank you Anna for stopping by my blog and commenting on my chickadee. I love to see blogs from outside my 'birding area' and see what is new there. I will checking back to see yours. I see you got a
Waxwing shot on another post. We have them here but I haven't been lucky to get one.

Bird Girl said...

Hi Anna -
Thanks for commenting on my blog! I just love that banner - looks like a kingfisher that we don't have in Pennsylvania! Those starlings sure are hogs. I hate when they descend upon my feeders and clean the out!

The Birdlady said...

Anna, thank you for your visit to my blog. I certainly wish you well in your endeavors to help save the earth. I'll be checking in on your blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anna,
Thats some lovely clear footage you have their, what equipment do you use?, if you dont mind me asking.

ps, nice one, with the waxwing, still a bird i've yet to see!