Saturday, 22 March 2008

Best bird watching day for years - Part 2

I did go to Carsington, but first of all I went to Cromford, to have a look at the Hawfinch which have been seen at the church yard, yet I didn't see them. I did see some lovely looking daffodils though, so I spent about 5 minutes lying on the ground in mud, trying to get the right shot, I did get covered in mud, but it was worth it.

Carsington was great, I saw some great birds there as well, including a flock of Barnacle Geese which was nice. The snow was an extra bonus, I love being out in the snow, it's great.
Here are some of the birds I saw today at Carsington Waters:


Little Grebe:

So an amazing day, it's the best bird watching day I've had for years that's for sure, I think seeing the Waxwing this morning though was the highlight of my day.


Miss Ellis said...

Great daffodil pictures! Looks like you were lucky with the weather as well... every time I went outside it started hailing or sleeting!

Anna Simpson said...

You just have to brave it. I hate being stuck indoors, I can't cope with it, thats why yesterday I just went for it. It was very cold though, I could hardly feel my hands when I got in the car to come home. But it was worth it.

Happy Easter by the way! :)

Bird Girl said...

Your daffodil pics are so lovely! And you did a good job in duck I.D. - that is hard for me!